Breakfast, Deskfast or On-the gofast, it's all changing!

Consumers all know breakfast, but are they still actually having breakfast; well there are signs that they are coming back to breakfast, but not in the way that we currently know it and increasingly in different styles and formats.

Accepting that it’s a huge market, with some really major brand and categories, surprisingly there’s also some confusion. Once upon a time the average consumer was supposed to have up to 12 breakfasts a fortnight, this figure has been declining with 8% of breakfast being skipped and it’s getting worse as consumer lifestyles change and post Brexit, both financial and increasingly time pressures impact.

Once upon a breakfast!

Blowing hot, cold or ‘on-the-go’?

Whilst cooked breakfasts account for around a fifth of all breakfast occasions and are growing with eggs up +7.1% to just over 1.6 billion occasions and bacon & sausages up by +14.3% being consumed at nearly 700 million breakfast occasions, that still leaves a huge segment for fruit and croissants up by 4.4% and 10% respectively, with honey & spreads +4.6% And the losers; cereals and butter both down by -0.7%, bread by -1.2% and tea & coffee -1.3%. Yoghurt has managed to maintain its share but at 0% growth. The biggest growth trend is in carried out and on-the-go with an +11% and rising share

Young, Old; Inbetweeners hold the key!

Although kids still represent the biggest consumers of breakfast with a 21.7% share, this is declining as is the next biggest sector the 45-64 age range. However those changing consumer lifestyles are driving growth in the key 25-44 sector, especially with on-the-go and deskfast showing dynamic growth.

Healthy or not too healthy?

Currently healthy eating remains a key driver with 38.2% of all breakfast occasions having a healthy element, although conversely consumers, due to economic constraints are equally turning to ‘more filling options. What is clear however is that with the long-term decline in cereals and a slight increase in toast, as an inexpensive option, Breakfast is in need of a wake-up call!

Helping Consumers Get Back To Breakfast!